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Zebra DevTalk | Testing Exported XML before EMM Deployment via OEMConfig | Feb. 2021

This session will cover the process of exporting raw XML from StageNow, testing it on a Zebra device using a simple helper utility and subsequently deploying to a device via the OEMConfig feature now available in most EMM tools including SOTI, Airwatch/Workspace One, Wizy etc. The target audience is both developers and systems/support personnel but it does not require any programming knowledge in order to use these techniques.

Zebra DevTalk | What's New with Mobility DNA | Wednesday March 17, 2021 | 10 am CDT

Mobility DNA gives Zebra mobile computers their distinct enterprise capabilities. In this session, Darryn Campbell will take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the latest features added to Mobility DNA to make a user’s life easier: from simpler update distribution to new APIs, and review the latest features of MX and DataWedge plus more! 

Presenter:  Darryn Campbell, Zebra Technologies

Zebra DevTalk | VisibilityIQ APIs: Integrate Insights into Partner & Customer Software Systems | December 2020

VisibilityIQ APIs enable simple integration to all of the critical data, analytics and insights available through the standard dashboard user interface into alternative platforms through standard, pre-defined interfaces:

Zebra DevTalk | What's New with Enterprise Keyboard and Enterprise Keyboard Designer | Wed. Nov 18, 2020 | 10 am CDT

Zebra's Enterprise Keyboard (EKB) is designed to provide the most productive means possible of inputting data into Zebra devices.  Building on the stock Android keyboard, EKB provides programmable keys, can switch quickly between key layouts, and has the ability to scan barcode data directly into an application.  Enterprise Keyboard Designer (EKD) is a free GUI tool for Windows that can be used to create customized key layouts to enhance an application and enable efficient and accurate data entry. 
Presented by Darryn Campbell, Zebra Software Engineer